Air Force Reserve

Enjoy a part-time job that complements and enhances your career, offers flexible hours and tax-free pay, and promises an exciting lifestyle that's hard to match in the civilian world.

Adventure and Challenge Adventure and Challenge

Adventure and challenge beyond your day job

Men and women from all backgrounds enjoy a wide variety of fulfilling roles within the Air Force Reserve. Opportunities are available in areas such as medical, logistics, administration and air base security.

People from all Backgrounds People from all Backgrounds

People join the Reserve to:

  • Do something different, exciting and worthwhile
  • Get extra training and experience in their trade or profession
  • Make new friends in a dynamic team environment
  • Help with community projects and disaster relief
  • 'Give something back' to their country

A flexible commitment and rewarding work

Once trained you will normally be expected to serve for at least 20 days a year, although this can change depending on your needs and the needs of the Air Force. This could involve a normal work day, an evening each week and/or a number of weekends or extended periods away; and we do our best to make sure your service fits in with your work and family commitments.

Your primary responsibility as a Reservist is to support Air Force capability in your chosen job. Members of the Reserve also gain great satisfaction from helping rebuild lives and communities after floods, tsunamis and bushfires; and supporting humanitarian and peacekeeping missions overseas.


Most Aussies join the Reserve for the exciting and healthy lifestyle, the opportunities for travel, the friends they make for life, and the rewarding work. But the Air Force offers many material benefits too:

Free food when training or on deployment

Tax-free daily pay and allowances on Reserve days

Free employment training

Free medical and dental on deployment

World-class training that benefits your future

The quality of our training programs is one of the most popular features of the Air Force Reserve, and it's nationally accredited. In initial training you'll enjoy an exciting and challenging preparation program that develops your skills, knowledge and confidence, and teaches you to thrive in any environment or situation.

Active Reserve Officers

Course: Initial Officers' Course
Location: RAAF Base East Sale, VIC
Duration: 17 weeks total broken into five phases
Usually completed within two years of joining

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Roles associated with this training are not currently recruiting.

Active Reserve Airmen/Airwomen

Course: Recruit Course
Location: RAAF Base Wagga, NSW
Duration: 13 weeks full time or broken into four phases
Usually completed within two years of joining
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Roles associated with this training are not currently recruiting.

Air Force Specialist Reserve

Course: Induction Course (SRIC)
Location: RAAF Base East Sale, VIC
Duration: 5 days (plus travel)
Usually completed within two years of joining
Ongoing specialist courses also available

Significant benefits for your employer too

Your employer will benefit greatly from the management and vocational skills you are taught in the Reserve, and the character-building lifestyle you'll experience.

Your employer's business will be stronger with a Reservist in its ranks, and will have higher corporate status for supporting the ADF. The training you receive will help you:

  • Be positive and goal-oriented
  • Make quick, objective decisions
  • Manage time and resources efficiently
  • Be self-disciplined and self-reliant
  • Be a good team player
  • Become a better manager and leader

If eligible, your employer can receive compensation for your absence through the Defence Reserves Support Employer Support Payment Scheme. Employers are encouraged to find out more about the Air Force Reserve at discovery events (for details see the Defence Reserves Support website).

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