The Air Force operates at the leading edge of technical capability, with world-class aircraft, sophisticated ICT systems and advanced weapon systems and equipment.

Advanced Air Force technology Advanced Air Force technology
Maintaining peak effectiveness and flexibility

Advanced Air Force technology gives us the edge across the many roles we perform, from tactical strike to search and rescue and disaster relief. Our aircraft and systems are designed for flexibility without compromise, and are supported by high-tech logistics and intelligence resources.

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Providing critical communications and intelligence

Air Force operations rely on complex ICT systems to maintain contact between aircraft, deployed personnel and command positions. Through cable, radio, microwave and satellite we also operate some of the world's most sophisticated surveillance and intelligence gathering systems, to identify threats to national security and maintain strategic superiority.

Supporting multi-role aerial capability

Our aircraft fall into three broad categories, reflecting their multiple-uses and the career avenues followed by Air Force personnel.

Mobility aircraft

Used to transport personnel, equipment, supplies, vehicles and fuel.

Surveillance and control aircraft

For intelligence gathering, battle management and search and rescue.

Strike aircraft

Some of the fastest and most manoeuvrable aircraft in our skies.

Key aircraft