Women in the Air Force

The Air Force offers a range of exciting career opportunities to everyone, regardless of gender. We champion gender equality and provide a uniquely supportive working environment.

Benefit from career equality across the service

Today's Air Force is an excellent career choice for women. You'll receive exactly the same training, vocational development and promotion opportunities as your male colleagues.

We are a single unified team, committed to operating within a framework of equality. We believe career development and rewards should be based on potential, effort and achievement, regardless of gender, religion or cultural backgrounds.

Share an exciting and well-balanced life

Most Air Force jobs have regular hours, giving you plenty of opportunities to socialise, spend time with your family, play sport and make the most of the extensive fitness and leisure facilities on base.

You'll make friends for life, at work and at play, plus through amazing shared experiences such as supporting peacekeeping and disaster-relief missions. Even when you're working away from home, your days will usually be structured to balance work time with relaxation.

Stories of career success

Women of all kinds, and from a broad variety of cultural backgrounds, enjoy rewarding careers in the Air Force. Meet some of them here, and hear about their jobs.

Sam, traveller

“At the end of the day, I’m working on a Super Hornet... and I’ve travelled all over the world.”

Andrija, mother & thrill-seeker

“It’s like an air show every day... you don’t get much more of a thrill than that.”

Claire, team player

“The military is like a team working towards one goal.”

Samantha, leader

“The Air Force is flexible enough to balance career with family.”

Georgina, Officer & netballer

“Outside of work I enjoy playing netball and hanging out with friends and shopping.”

Find the perfect career in the Air Force doing what you love

Women of all backgrounds enjoy rewarding careers in the Air Force, across a broad range of trades and professions. We believe the opportunities you are offered should be based on attributes and potential, regardless of gender. If you’re an Australian citizen who’s completed Year 10, there’s a good chance you can join the Air Force.

Full support for family needs

Air Force mums are given the flexibility and support to manage their family commitments without detriment to their careers. This includes the provision of extended leave and part-time work options when appropriate, and the offer of alternative or 'on hold' career paths to accommodate changes in circumstances. Serving members with families have access to support programs which include:

  • 24/7 support during deployment, relocation and time apart
  • Partner employment
  • Children's education services
  • Childcare
  • Crisis support.

Be paid to keep fit and healthy

It's important for Air Force personnel to be fit enough to carry out their duties effectively, so keeping fit will be an integral part of your job. You'll have free access to pools and well-equipped fitness facilities and can enjoy a wide range of team sports on base.

This guide will help you to get started on your fitness journey, including correct practising techniques for your Pre-entry Fitness Assessment (PFA).

Choose where to work

If serving in a specific location is a high priority for reasons such as family commitments, Recruit to Area could be for you.

  • Open to all roles for first posting after initial and employment training.
  • Specific locations available for first posting are job dependent and options may vary based on your chosen role.

Receive financial assistance to become a pilot Receive financial assistance to become a pilot
Receive financial assistance for pilot and mission roles

Females and Indigenous Australians who join the Air Force with a relevant Bachelor level degree in aviation from an Australian university and meet the criteria may be eligible for the Tertiary Aviation Reimbursement Scheme (TARS).

If you meet these criteria, you may be eligible to have your academic costs reimbursed.

Join when it suits you

If you demonstrate high potential when interviewed and are keen to join as soon as possible, Recruit When Ready could be for you.

  • Flexible start dates to suit your personal circumstances.
  • Open to all roles.

Pathways for women

A range of flexible entry pathways have been developed to suit the needs of female candidates. Discover the best way for you to start an exciting career in the Air Force.

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