Most Aussies join the Reserve for the exciting and healthy lifestyle, the opportunities for travel, the friends they make for life, and the rewarding work. But the Air Force offers many material benefits too:

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Free food when training or on deployment

Tax-free daily pay and allowances on Reserve days

Free employment training

Adventure and Challenge Adventure and Challenge

Adventure and challenge beyond your day job

Men and women from all backgrounds enjoy a wide variety of fulfilling roles within the Air Force Reserve. Opportunities are available in areas such as medical, logistics, administration and air base security. You’ll also have the opportunity to:

  • Do something different, exciting and worthwhile
  • Get extra training and experience in their trade or profession
  • Make new friends in a dynamic team environment
  • Help with community projects and disaster relief
  • Give something back to their country

world class training world class training

World-class training that benefits your future

You’ll receive world-class training that is also nationally accredited in the Air Force Reserve. In initial training you'll enjoy an exciting and challenging preparation program that develops your skills, knowledge and confidence, and teaches you to thrive in any environment or situation.

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