Business benefits

The character-building activities Reservists engage in and the management and leadership skills they receive will benefit you, no matter what your business.

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Boost your corporate status 

Be recognised for supporting both your employee and the nation.

Develop strong leaders

Reservists will develop teamwork and leadership skills that can benefit your business.

Upskill with no cost

The training and experience Reservists get costs nothing, but rewards you greatly.

World-class training that benefits you

Air Force Reserve work is part-time which means the work is flexible. It allows your employee to receive world-class training while still enjoying full-time work. It’s a balance without compromise. The training and skills Reservists receive is broad and easily transferable to your business.

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Training Benefits

Reservists are trained to:

  • Receive orders then plan and prioritise tasks
  • Be positive and goal-oriented
  • Manage time and resources efficiently
  • Be self-disciplined and self-reliant
  • Be good team players with advanced teamwork skills
  • Become better managers and leaders

Financial Financial

Reservists may be required to respond during times of crisis and need. You may be eligible for compensation during their time of absence. If eligible, you can receive compensation through the Defence Reserves Support Employer Support Payment Scheme. The minimum rate paid is based on the average full-time adult wage.

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Legal requirements

Legal requirements protect Reservists from discrimination based on their commitment to the Australian Air Force. However, Reservists are encouraged to work with their employer and provide reasonable notice to their employer as to upcoming service.

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Join the network of supportive civilian employers

Show your public support for the Air Force Reserve by joining the Defence Reserve Support program. Pledge support to your employees who serve our nation as Australian Defence Force Reservists, and acknowledge the skills and other attributes which they bring to the workplace.

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