Real Stories

Explore Mel's career milestones
Mel - Loadmaster

"I was in an office job I wasn't enjoying, when my best friend suggested I join the Air Force. So I did."

Explore Todd's career milestones
Todd - Fast Jet Pilot

"When I saw the movie Top Gun, I knew that's what I wanted to do."

Explore Justine's career milestones
Justine - Air Traffic Controller

"I love going to work and the people that I work with."

Explore Ashish's career milestones
Ashish - Aviation Medical Officer

"My grandfather was in the military. Hearing his stories gave me the ambition to serve."

Explore Jasmine's career milestones
Jasmine - Mission Aircrew

“I joined the Air Force when I was 17. I was a high school student working at Maccas.”