Explore Jasmine's career milestones

“I joined the Air Force when I was 17. I was a high school student working at Maccas.”

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Her first time in the air, 2002

Jasmine’s father was a commercial pilot. At age 12 he took her flying for the first time, and it was at that moment she knew the aviation industry was where she wanted to be. Growing up, her mother and father were always a source of inspiration, helping her to achieve her goals in the Air Force.

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Joined the Air Force, 2007

At just 17, Jasmine finished high school, gave up her job at McDonald’s and joined the Air Force. This was her first step towards achieving her ambition of flying with fast jets.

Graduated ADFA, Bachelor of Business, 2009

Jasmine studied a Bachelor of Business while working towards her dream of being a Mission Aircrew. In 2009, she graduated from the Australian Defence Force Academy and was ready to start flying training.

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Graduated Super Hornet Operational Conversion, 2012

Jasmine graduated as dux of her Mission Aircrew course at the School of Air Warfare in 2010, but this was only the beginning. She went on to graduate from the Initial Fighter Course flying Hawks in 2011 and the Super Hornet Operational Conversion Course in 2012.

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Married the love of her life, 2013

While Jasmine worked tirelessly to achieve her ambitions, she had plenty of time for her personal life too. In 2013, she married Grant. Together, they care for their dog, Lucy, and enjoy water-skiing in their free time.

First Australian female in combat fighter operations, 2014

In December of 2014 came Jasmine’s proudest moment. She was deployed to Operation OKRA as a Mission Aircrew. Not only was this a proud moment for her and for her family, but for the Air Force as well. She was the first Australian woman to be deployed in combat fighter operations.